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The salon is easily accessible from Harajuku, Meiji-jingumae and Kita-sando stations. The interior has a cozy atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery, which makes it hard to believe that it is in the center of Tokyo.
The moment you enter the 7th floor of the salon, you will be healed by the natural scenery around you, which offers a feeling of openness. And the 6th floor is filled with a kind of adorable excitement.
You can enjoy beauty treatments on either floor, both with their own unique concepts.



※Extension fee 15 minutes ¥1,650

※ Please note that adding any kind of stones or art pieces for solid color or clear french,
prices and menu will change to the art design.
※All prices are for 10 full nails extension.
※ The price per nail extension is ¥660〜.


※ We DO NOT provide treatment if any of the following apply.
・ Who have had an eye disease within 1 month
・ Who have any kind of rubber or Latex Allergies
・ Who have had eyelash perm within 3 weeks
・ Who have experienced redness or other symptoms with eyelash-perm in the past
※ Please DO NOT use mascara or curlers before your appointment.


Our specialist will check your face, bone structure, facial muscles, hair flow, balance, etc. and suggest a design that will give you the best impression you want based on the current state of your own eyebrows.
Even if you are not sure what will look best on your eyebrows, we will give you a detailed consultation and suggest the best design for you.

※Temporary redness may occur, but will disappear within 2 hours.
※ We DO NOT provide the procedure on patients who are undergoing dermatologic treatment or who have inflammation around the eyes.
※For 1 week after the procedure, DO NOT pluck your own eyebrows. Design may change.




We accept reservations by Hotpepperbeauty or Official LINE Account.

※We also accept inquiries via Instagram DM.

Lovl's philosophy is to
make people smile all over the world
through the power of beauty.



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